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Pet Parent Safety Tips for July Fourth

Pet Parent Safety Tips for July Fourth

The Fourth of July may be an enjoyable holiday for humans, but our furry friends sometimes enjoy these celebrations less than us. Dogs have sensitive ears and may get overwhelmed by holiday festivities, meaning your pup may experience anxiety around Independence Day. To prevent your pooch from having negative experiences on the Fourth of July, read these tips below to learn how to keep your furry friend safe and happy.

Pet Parent Safety Tips for July Fourth

Prepare Your Dog Ahead of Time

If you know your pup may have a firework phobia, prepare ahead of time by slowly desensitizing them to the noise. You can play firework sounds on a speaker at home and gradually increase the volume to expose your pup to noises in a controlled manner. Make sure to continuously reward your pup with treats and praise to help them build positive associations. On the day of, take your dog for a long walk or play with them to wear them out prior to any celebrations. The more tired your pup is, the more likely they are to sleep through the holiday festivities.

Update Your Pup’s Information

Many pups escape on the Fourth of July in hopes of fleeing from the loud noises. Animal control services report that from July 4th to July 6th, there’s a 30% increase in missing pets due to their heightened anxiety. Before you have guests over for a backyard party or head to a friend’s with Fido as your plus one, ensure your pup’s information is updated. This includes updating the contact information on their ID tag and microchip if needed. Consider investing in a GPS collar to be aware of their whereabouts at all times. If your pup is staying at home during your Fourth of July festivities, confirm that all doors and windows are closed and locked. Keeping an eye on your furry friend and ensuring they’re easily identifiable will help you relax and enjoy the holiday celebrations.

Create a Safe Space for Fido

The Fourth of July is exciting, but this excitement may be overwhelming for your pup. If your pooch is sensitive to loud noises or large crowds, they will likely look for a safe space to go during your celebrations. Create a quiet area in the home for Fido to take solace amidst the potentially overwhelming environment. Choose a location with minimal outdoor exposure to soothe your pup’s anxiety. When preparing the room, close any blinds, set up your pup’s bed or crate with familiar belongings, and consider turning on music or a noise machine to block out noise. You can also make a safe haven for Fido by putting bedding and toys in your pup’s crate and placing a blanket over the top.

Keep Your Pup Away from Threats

Many items found at Independence Day celebrations may pose a threat to your furry friend. One popular object at outdoor celebrations to be wary of is glow sticks. Glow sticks may be enjoyable to use, but they contain chemicals such as dibutyl phthalate, which can be harmful to dogs if ingested. Canines who chew or ingest glow stick material may experience drooling, agitation, and vomiting.

Additionally, keep your pup away from any forms of citronella that you may be using to repel mosquitos. Citronella candles can upset your pup’s respiratory system and cause GI discomfort if consumed. If your dog comes into contact with a citronella plant, this may cause skin irritation. Ingested citronella can cause your furry friend to experience abdominal pain, vomiting, and weakness.

Lastly, keep your dog away from any alcohol during your Independence Day celebration. Alcohol is highly toxic to canines and can be fatal, which can occur even through skin absorption. Keep any alcohol products out of Fido’s reach when celebrating to ensure your pup has a safe time.

Consider a Supplement to Calm Fido

Pups who get particularly anxious around large crowds and loud noises may need extra help staying calm. Dog owners should consider getting calming treats for their pups that contain ingredients such as lavender, chamomile, and melatonin. If over-the-counter supplements aren’t strong enough, talk to your vet about prescription medications to calm your furry friend. If you aren’t interested in giving your dog any supplements, there are many other calming methods, such as anxiety vests. Test out various options prior to July 4th to figure out what works best for your pup.

Now that you’ve read these tips, you’re all set to enjoy a carefree celebration with your furry friend.

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